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The mini private rooms (Room5, Room9, Room11, Room12) and the bigger group bookings are only available through our webpage. Please write us if you would like this kind of rooms.

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Allowances - 15%

Please see the most frequented questions:


1.Have the rooms own bathroom?

Yes. All our our rooms have own bathroom inside the room. They are built like hotelrooms. Except for room 5 which is a small loft room with shared facilities

2. Is the internet free?

Yes. We have the fastest internet possible in Budapest. It is free for everyone and it is working in each room and common area with WIFI.

2. Is the location really in the citycenter?

Yes. It is. That is our strongest point. You do not have to buy any ticket for public transport to see the main tourist destinations of the city. You can easily walk back to the hostel if you have forgotten anything at the room. Best of all, the hostel is not noisy at all because all the rooms are looking to the garden and not to the street.

3. Which room is ideal for couples?

Room nr.4 and room nr.8 is ideal for couples because they are double ensuites

Room 6, 7 is perfect for families or young companies

4. Which room has double bed?

Room 4, room 8, room 5 is with double bed

Room 6 and 7 is with a double bed two separate beds and 2 sparebeds.


5. Where can I park? Is it free ?

There two garages nearby 50m from us at street Szép and at street Irányi J. Or you can park on the streets after 8pm till 80am and on the weekends it is free.

The nearest free parking possibility is 300m from us under the bridge Elisabeth on the Budaside. We do think that it is worth to put your car there and walk back to us!


3. The way to the airport

From the airport please take bus 200E till metrostation Kőbánya kispest and then take the blue line till Ferenciek tere station. Hop off and start walking direction Astoria we will be on your left after a 100m walk.

4. The way to the railwaystation

It is approximately 800m from us. All the buses and the metro are going into that direction. Or you can walk

5. 24hour reception

Yes we have. You can come and ask any time we are happy to help you.

6. Do you provide breakfast?

Yes we have great and rich breakfast for 3,3euro/person which includes food+tea+coffe. The quality is expressievly good. You can choose from 4 different options everyday and the menu is changing every day.

7. Can I check in late?

Yes we have 24hour reception. You can come anytime. In case you wanna arrive early.It is no problem we can store your luggage in a free luggage store and. In case you wanna arrive late. It is no problem we can check you in till 3am after midnight the whole year.

8. About our mini private rooms. (Room 5, Room 9):

These rooms are not the best ones but despite of it nowadays they have has become one of the most popular rooms. The room is a „mini private room”and it is ideal for people who would like to spend a few day at a toplocated hostel for expressievly cheap price.

We can recommend the room for:

-Single travellers

-Cooler young couples or friends-

-Who would like to spend only a few days in Budapest and are low cost budget

-Who do not want to spend too much time in the room

-Young couples

-Single worldtravellers

-Late arrivals, early checkouts

- For everyone who would like to be in a private room for near dormitory price are not so sensitive on the room

We can not recommend it for:

-Older couples, older people

-People who would like to be in big spacious room

-Guests coming for longer stay

The room is basicly smaller and poorly equipped than our other rooms ont he other hand very cheap and become very popular.


-Brand new refurbished, superclean


-Much more cheaper than our standard rooms

-2 persons can sleep but it is ideal for one person (double bed)

-It has own bathroom inside the room

-Wifi, cabel tv, window, two reading lights, locker

-The bed is a double bed

The disadvantages of the room:

-Smaller than our normal rooms

- Its comformity and equipment is poorer than our normal rooms ( no table and chair inside)


9. Booking with creditcard


For booking a room please click the icon booking. We can not see your creditcard datas and we do not need it. We signed a contract with paypal which is one of the most secure way of transferring money.  We use paypal system for transferring the deposit of the booking. Paypal requires the datas of your card for checking it. Beside the banktransferr Paypal is the most secure and the fastest way for transferring money. They have very strict security policy and also they take responsibility for the security.