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Dear our guests!

Please read the following carefully.

I have been travelling many times around the world and I have visited many different places. Unfortunately  in most cases there were always some problems with the accomodation. Either the location was not really good or the prices were too high, also  the internet was too slow and sometimes there were problems with the cleanliness as. Our goal was to establish a hostel which is exempt of this surprises and at the same time meets the expectations of the modern travellers.

Unfortunatelly our world is running fast and due to our opinion that is the reason why travellers do not have too much time for travelling. Everyone is looking for the best location, best rated and best priced room existing in the city.

Our goal was to establish this one. A hostel which meets the expectations of the modern travellers.

In the following we would like to reflect the main aspects of a great hoste and on the main aspects that we were focusing strongly


The location is our strongest point!

We have put extra attention on choosing a real comfortable location. Unfortunately many of our rivals are promoting themself with good location but just very few of them do. Sometimes 400m matters when someone is after a long sightseeing tour or after a tiring clubbing day or just has forgotten his camera at the hostel. We were focusing very strongly on finding a real citycentre location taking care of the fact that the majority of our guests are coming for sightseeing. It is called „skicourtrooms” when you are going to ski .

The most important aspect was that our guests can reach all the famous tourist destinations by a comfortable walk. Our other main aspects were the convenience and the sound-proofness of the hostel. All the windows of the bedrooms are looking on garden which proctects the rooms from the noise of the citycenter. This is very important when someone is tired after a long walking day and would like to have a good sleep.

The comfort of the location:

We do think that a real good location must be comfortable and must have many facilities nearby. During a trip there are basic requirements of the travellers that a  good accomodation should fullfill. We were looking for a place that is meeting the expectations of travellers. We could express it mainly in numbers:


Big tesco supermarket 30m, mini supermarket 10m, Nonstop-supermarket 50m, own breakfast restaurant 30m, free-walking tour meeting point 150m, Hop on hop off sightseeing bustour meeting point 30m, Confectionery, ice cream shop and cafe 0m ( in our buildingcomplex), nonstop bar ( in our building), english cinema ( in our building ), dentist ( in our building ), Pharmacy 100m, ATM caspoint 50m, Western-union caspoint 100m, taxi stop 10m, telephone-boksz 0m, sightseeingboat startpoint 150m, Thermalspa 400m, Big market 300m, Shopping street 100m, Szolárium 50m, clubs and restaurants from 100m (many), Mcdonalds and burgerking 50m.

We are proud of saying that according to the subsequently feedbacks our efforts  were crowded by success and our guests are satisfied with our location. As an outcome of the above we  provide paying back guarantee if someone would be unsatisfied with the location. Luckily this has not happened yet.

The prices

Certainly you should have noticed that our prices are a bit lower than other hostels nearby. We are keeping our prices consciously  lower in order to give an experience  and not just accomodation to our guests.  An experience could derive only when there is still enough money in the wallet after paying the costs of the room and the trip.  Money for relaxing, going out and having fun. That is our goal.  Many programs can be ordered right at the reception at discounted prices. Of course there is a speciell reason that we can afford this. We do not rent our properties but we have bought it and that is why we do not have to pay any rent, besides the guests booking through our webpage do not have to pay any extra costs like booking fee or commission to distribution channels. On the other hand we are quite new and enthusiatic and we are following flexible business concept. These are the reasons we that we can sell our rooms at a bit cheaper price.


The comfort of the rooms:

We have put a bathroom into all of our rooms. This occurs very rare among the hostels and the apartments in Budapest. The reason is that it costs a lot to build and requires good planing. Among many others our rooms are good and protected againts noises. They have soundproof doors and walls which protect the rooms from the general noises of the hostel. If you get tired you can go easily into your room and start sleeping and no noises will wake you up.  The rooms are equipped with fast internet connection and wifi besides guests can choose among 70 international tv channels. Another inportant thing in a good hostel is the number of the toilettes and the kitchens. In our hostel you do not have to wait for the toilettes and the kitchen because we have built enough for the sake of comformity. We have taken extra care of the kitchens because sometimes it is much more comfortable to drink a coffe in the morning  or to cook something at home than in a cafe or going out to a resturant. Guests can controll and regulate the temperatues by each room. As the rooms are north looking they are not getting warm which is ideal for sleeping. A good sleep is helped with fans put on each beds.

Value for money

We are making strong efforts to be able to provide a good room for an affordable price. We are keeping the prices of our facilities also low to provide a cool experience for the trip. We are convinced that it is not worth to pay for expensive hotelrrooms because the guests are receiving almost the same facility packages for half price and the same or even better location. ( of course we are not able to compete with hotels but believe me or not the difference is not as big as for the first sight ). Perhaps this is our second strongest point.


The cleanliness is very important in a hostel as every day diffrenet people are arriving at the hostel. Because of that we have everyday cleaning. The cleaning is made by profesional cleaningcompany. The company is using enviromentfriendly materials which are fullfilling the highest requirements. Each our guest can deicide if they need cleaning or not in the room. ( just like in a hotelroom )


Life inside the hostel is also an important part of a good trip. We try our best to provide the most exiting programs every day beside the typical tourist programs. Our guests can choose from a minimum 50 organised tours directly at the reception. Our programs are reac from the  wide range of sightseeingtours to the most extreme adventures like ( sightseeing buses, free-walking tours, caving, speciell boattrips, partyboat, organised pub crawls etc. ). There are plenty of restaurants and clubs and bars nearby the hostel as we are located in the heart of the touriszone. Perhaps the best thing is that we are  very near to this place so our guests have the possibity to walk home easily if a small relax is needed or just forgotten something



About the security of the district of the hostel:

The hostel is located in the protected, historical zone of Budapest. The public safety is execellent.(touristzone). Right at the foot of the hostel you will find  ATM cashpoint, 4 banks and a western union bank cashpoint if you would run out of money. In case you get ill there is a pharmacy, dentists and ambulance nearby also within 200m walk. In case there should be any unexpected event, it is no problem to solve.

About the security of the rooms:

There is a 24hour reception at the hostel. We are happy to help you any time. The rooms are all lockable and have lockable lockers and safes inside per each beds

Public transport:

We could easily name it to our strongest point. The place is an ideal starting point for sightseeing or going out. No public transport is needed to reach any touristical destination or citycenter club. In case you would like to go out from the citycenter you can take two metrolines which are at the foot of the hostel (Astoria ,etrostation 30m, Ferenciek tere metrostation 80m, deak ter metrostation 150m walk. There is also a nightbus stop at the foot of the hostel giving you the possibility to come back late at nigt from outside. For our more comfortable guest we can offer the taxi station at the foot of the hostel. As it is right where we are there is no extra cost calculated at the beginning


We hope that our informationsheet above was not too long and not too self-praising but the words written above are all really correct and suits the reality. Of course we are taking the responsibility for that. We also hope that we could provide the correct information about our hostel and welcome everyone who would like to spend a few days in a real cosy accomodation.

Thank you for reading me!

Roland Nemes