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Hostel Budapest Center

To our guests,

Welcome to our website! If you are looking for a really cool, cozy, and reasonably priced boutique hostel in Budapest, go no further. We can guarantee you that you have found your hostel: Hostel Budapest Center!

We think that our hostel is in a new category in the Hungarian hostelmarket. We call it premium hostel. Our goal was to establish a youth hostel in Budapest which is neither a hotel nor a hostel and at the same time it possesses the advantages of both types of accomodation. The hostel has a holding capacity of 45 persons and is situated in an interesting buildingcomplex which also has a breakfast restaurant, a supermarket, a non-stop bar, an intimate cafe, an English cinema, an ice cream cafe. For the conformity of our guests there is a 24hour big Tesco supermarket 30m from the hostel and a big beer terrace right at the ground floor of the hostel.

The Hostel Budapest Center is a really cool, cozy and affordable hostel right in the city center of Budapest.

Why choose us? Please see the four main things that we are very proud of:

Location: Our strongest point. The Hostel Budapest Center is located in the real city centre of Budapest. Best of all, taxi and public transport are not necessary to reach any of the major historical sites or tourist attractions.Due to our special location our hostel is right in the middle of the nightlife of Budapest and at the same time the rooms are protected from the noise of the streets which provides ideal circumstances for sleepping or chilling out

Public transport: The hostel is located on the direct metroline of the airport and the railway and busstation as well. From the hostel you can reach all the transportpoints in one minute's walk.
Free walking tour meeting points 50m away, underground  stations 30m, tram 30m, bus,30m, sightseeing-boat 100m, sight seeing touristbus 50m, worldfamous Váci shopping street. 50m, railway station 2 stations with underground away or 800m walk.

Tourist destinations, sights: All the famous sights of the city can be reached by taking a few steps out the door. Free walking tour meetingpoints 50m, big central market 200m, worldfamous shopping street Váci str. 50m. Royal palace Buda. 300m, The biggest spa of Budapest, Thermal bath Gellért, 250m, Chainbridge, 250m, fashion street 200m, River Danube corso pedestrian street 100m and so on..

Party places, pleasure-grounds,pubs:
Why do we usually call our hostel a youth hostel? We are just footsteps away from the pulsating city centre, so bars, pubs, party places, open summerclubs and restaurants are on our doorstep, so you can enjoy your time here without restraint. It’s definitely one of the best youth hostels in Budapest.


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